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  • Mendeley Desktop  201)   Mendeley Desktop
    Mendeley is a free, award-winning, academic reference manager and web solution for managing and sharing research papers, creating bibliographies, discovering new research trends and collaborating online.

  • Converter Pro  203)   Converter Pro 3.22
    Converter Pro comes with a database that contains the most important conversion factors to convert length, area, volume, mass, force, pressure, density, energy, power, temperature, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity and time units.

  • MLM-FC  204)   MLM-FC 1.27
    Marketing Plan for Fortran Calculus Language, a business opportunity. For those with contacts in the Engineering & Science world this could be a great opportunity. Fortran Calculus solves most math problems within an hour or two. It's very accurrate!

  • Word List  205)   Word List 1
    Quickly create word lists from existing text. Word List will extract all the unique words from a text file and then alphabetize them or sort by frequency. This is a great utility for a number of applications.

  • Inlook Express  206)   Inlook Express 2.0
    Spy on your computer by logging keystrokes and saving screenshots. You can see what other users do with your computer when you are not there to monitor them. See the web sites they visit etc.

  • Trooper  207)   Trooper 2.04
    Trooper (tm) allows BSA Scout troops to easily track their troop members' personal information, advancement, attendance, leadership, payments, medical information, vehicles, and more.

  • The Patriot  208)   The Patriot 2.0
    The Patriot is a small animated waving American flag. Includes a handy alarm clock, PC clock synchronization, lyrics to Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance, as well as patriotic songs, and links to Charities, and Support our Soldiers web sites.

  • PeopleTracker  209)   PeopleTracker 2.0
    PeopleTracker is our personal information management software designed for all your scheduling, calendar, and address book needs. With PeopleTracker, you will never forget that important birthday again!

  • Let’s Clean Up! 2005  210)   Let’s Clean Up! 2005 3.0.0
    This software helps families and small businesses organize cleaning tasks and chores. You can organize and remember any number of tasks over days, weeks, months, or years, and each time you run the program it creates a custom schedule for you.

  • Perimon - Natural Family Planning  211)   Perimon - Natural Family Planning 3.6.1
    Natural family planning program to determine up to 12,5 infertile days in the female cycle, next menstruation, the likely ovulation and forecast accuracy on a user friendly basis. For women from 18 to 45 years of age - freeware...

  • WallpaperWarp  213)   WallpaperWarp 1.00
    WallpaperWarp 1.0 is a desktop wallpaper changer for Windows based operating systems. WW allows you to select a folder of images that you would like to be displayed as wallpaper and schedule them to change at predefined intervals.

  • Santa Mail - North Pole Direct  214)   Santa Mail - North Pole Direct 1.1
    Write and receive free santa email messages. Parents and children can share pre-christmas special moments with this program. Children write to santa and the next day children can check if they have new mail messages from santa. FREE with no expiry.

  • Family Organizer  215)   Family Organizer 1.0
    Family Organizer is unique software that allows: keep database of your relatives and friends, show your genealogy tree, creates family's photo album, get astrology and numerology information, creates list of tasks and more.

  • AT Electronics  216)   AT Electronics 4.1
    This automotive electronic systems simulation and diagnostic program is a combination of Electronics and Diagnostics. Learn how complex automotive systems work AND how to diagnose faults. Concentrates on engine management but others also included

  • Directors NotePad 2  217)   Directors NotePad 2 2i
    Directors NotePad helps amateur film makers organize their ideas shot by shot, and view them on screen in slide show form and as printed lists organized in edit order (scene order. It's also a tool to pre-visualize edits before you start.

  • French course by + Collins Dictionary  219)   French course by + Collins Dictionary 2
    Large French course by + Collins electronic dictionary. 17 years of experience with language teaching, 5.000.000 licenses sold world-wide. Learn French lessons, French grammar. Use pronunciation dictionary, RE-WISE vocabulary builder.

  • Nicht vergessen (für Outlook)  220)   Nicht vergessen (für Outlook) 2.05
    If you use Outlook for your scheduling, you should use this little program, it shows your appointments and tasks every time on your desktop.

  • Personal Database - IndexXit  221)   Personal Database - IndexXit 1.3
    IndexXit is a database of all your personal lists. For each list, you decide what data to include, change, rearrange or sort. Any list can include pictures, which can be viewed with a full - featured picture organizer and slide show facility.

  • SimApp  222)   SimApp 2.01
    Simulation tool for automatic control systems in the time and frequency domain based on the idea of block diagrams. Full visual block diagram editor. Simulation results are displayed in diagrams and data tables. More than 90 basic function blocks.

  • VAR Grade  223)   VAR Grade
    Flexible gradebook program for teachers that has plots, statistics, seating charts, db items, and attendance. It allows an unlimited number of letter or number grades. Full internet support, passwords, printouts any way you want, and whatifs.

  • AutoSave Demo  224)   AutoSave Demo 2.0
    AutoSave 2.0 is a mobile application that automatically saves your work at regular intervals. If you or someone you know gets wrapped up in their work and forgets to save, then AutoSave 2.0 can help! Cover all your programs for only $4.00 instantly!

  • Libellus  225)   Libellus 1.0.1
    Libellus is a book organizer / manager software with key points: Very intuitive user interface, small in size, and fast.

  • Stamina Typing Tutor  226)   Stamina Typing Tutor 2.5
    Amusing, yet multifunctional touch-typing tutor with support for several layouts: QWERTY, Dvorak, AZERTY etc. ONLY in Stamina besides the traditional finger positioning on the keyboard are you offered an ALTERNATIVE method (to reduce hand stress)!

  • FinitySoft BMI Calculator  227)   FinitySoft BMI Calculator
    Easily calculate your body mass index. Just enter your weight, height and sex and BMI Calculator will indicate if your are underweight, normal, overweight or obese, and what is your ideal weight. It will put you on dynamic chart. Freeware!

  • eTIMER  228)   eTIMER 3.0.0
    eTIMER is a software application that counts, times and measure just about any athletic event or drills. eTIMER is unique, in that either a tradition keyboard/mouse or a wireless RF device that connects to an available printer port can control it.

  • Mobile DataBase  229)   Mobile DataBase 1.25
    FREE database of mobile (cellular) phones. Phones characteristics, photos, compare tables. 26 brands. 717 phone models.

  • Led Digital Clock  230)   Led Digital Clock 1.15
    Description: Beautiful Led Digital Clock. Features: It is possible to change color of leds to one of the following colors (Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, White).

  • Multiplication Master  231)   Multiplication Master 1.01
    Multiplication Master will quiz your child with randomly generated sums from their times tables. As a reward every 20 correct answers a video is shown

  • Video DVD Duplicator  232)   Video DVD Duplicator 0.95
    Video DVD Duplicator creates the full copy of DVD discs. It copies movie with all menu elements including subtitles etc. Video DVD Duplicator works with all types of single layered Video-DVD discs (even wih the protected from copying Video-DVD discs)

  • Letter Chase Typing Tutor  233)   Letter Chase Typing Tutor 5.4
    Letter Chase Typing Tutor is a full featured typing program that uses a visual method to teach the location of the keys. Letter Chase also includes unique features to help experienced typists type even faster. New features for Teachers/Schools.

  • Photo Calendar  234)   Photo Calendar 1.1.0
    Photo Calendar enables you to print calendars right on your own PC and printer. Photo Calendar is extremely easy to use. Click to insert your own photo, select the month and year you want and Photo Calendar will quickly generate your calendar.

  • BookCAT  235)   BookCAT 10.14
    BookCAT is a fully featured book organizer database which will help you catalog a book collection of any size. BookCAT will help you know what you have and where it is. Quickly catalog your books by downloading information from the Internet.

  • Talking Translator Pro  236)   Talking Translator Pro 1.9.3
    Talking Translator Pro is a 4-in-1 language utility can translate text between 8 languages, find word meanings, read file and clipboard contents, and edit and save your work in multiple formats. It also includes a built-in text-to-speech feature.

  • Japanese Learning Software  237)   Japanese Learning Software 4.5.0
    Learn Japanese Kanji. Type your answers, skip words that you know, let the program intelligently select new words for you to learn. Create your own word-lists or choose from pre-installed lists: Word lists for all JLPT-levels.

  • Make Money Using Paypal -  $1000 Per Day  238)   Make Money Using Paypal - $1000 Per Day 1.0
    Make Money Using Paypal - Flood Your Paypal Account With $1000 A Day! "Discover The Secret System That Will Allow Anyone Who Lives In The United States To Legally Make Money Using Paypal (Up To $1000 A Day)...Without Selling Anything!"

  • CardPro  239)   CardPro
    All round Phoenix smartcard programmer for all current smartcards like titanium, MII, KNOT, funcard and MII smartcards. Can easily be used to update a cam like the Joker or Matrix. Reading/writing of the whole card automatically.

  • GA7 Stock Forecaster  240)   GA7 Stock Forecaster 1.0.145
    Free Genetic Algorithm Forecaster Stock Markets Forecast 1 to 30 days out. FREE REAL TIME FORECASTS. Just open the program, select a symbol to forecast, select how many days in the future you want, and press train.

  • ToDo95  241)   ToDo95 4.32
    Four separate modes of operation including "To Do List", "Appointments", "Log", and "Calendar" modes.Graphically displays scheduled ToDo's or Appointments on a monthly calendar right on the days they occur ! Includes multiple alarm configurations.

  • WordQuiz  242)   WordQuiz 5.3.1
    A tool for vocabulary learning. Build your own vocabulary documents and learn with flashcard, multiple choice or written quiz randomly or in order. Easy to edit and maintain vocabularies. Work with Greek or Russian or other character sets

  • Ounces to Grams Converter  243)   Ounces to Grams Converter 1
    Ounces to Grams Converter is a simple yet effective tool for converting between ounces and grams. It can be used for many situations that require quick measurement lookukps.

  • StartSpanish  244)   StartSpanish 3.8
    StartSpanish is for beginners as well as for those who want to review their Spanish and quickly get back on track. It contains brief yet comprehensive explanations about all of the most important parts of Spanish grammar, combined with exercises.

  • SpiceLogic Vocabulary Builder for SAT ACT GRE GMAT LSAT  245)   SpiceLogic Vocabulary Builder for SAT ACT GRE GMAT LSAT 1.5
    An appropriate & comprehensive word memorizer designed to help prepare for SAT,ACT,GRE, GMAT and LSAT.Preloaded with 2000+ words.A human voice recites each word with simplest possible meaning and an example sentence to help learning even better.

  • Personaltrainer Korean Language Learning  246)   Personaltrainer Korean Language Learning 1.0
    L-Ceps Personaltrainer Korean is an adaptable language learning solution for individuals with a serious desire to break the language barriers of the Korean language. Learn the Korean language with this easy to use software.

  • BySoft Food Additives  247)   BySoft Food Additives
    Check if the food you buy contains additives dangerous to your health. Have you ever wondered what all of those e-numbers actually mean? This free application contains list of food additives by e-number or by name telling you which to avoid.

  • KnowHowDB  248)   KnowHowDB 2.42
    KnowHowDB - Manage your knowledge KnowHowDB is versatile, stores and searches articles, memos, ideas and any other kind of information in a fast and easy way.

  • Network Inventory Expert  249)   Network Inventory Expert 2.10
    Network Inventory Expert allows you to create a network inventory without installation of software on the users' PCs. This program allows you to get information about operational systems, service packs, hotfixes, hardware, installed software.

  • Plotplan  250)   Plotplan 1.0
    Garden diary and plot planner with potting and other volume quanties help. You can... with Plotplan.

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